Hiring a Home Inspector, you Can Trust

Every time you’re looking for professional services, be sure to ask the right questions. As much as you’re excited about your next move to buy a new home, hiring a home inspector will help you maintain the excitement and avoid potential problems in the future. You also need professional home inspection services when selling your home. You should probably talk to a friend who hired an inexperienced and un-reputable inspector or didn’t even consider having a full inspection before buying a home. His experience can serve as a lesson.  Many times if you are looking to purchase a home your realtor will have a list of local home inspectors to choose from.  The realtors deal with home inspectors on a daily basis.  This means they know which home inspectors are thorough and knowledgeable. Many times if a home inspector is not knowledgeable the realtors will not recommend them to you.  So rest assured if you are going through your realtor then you will most likely have a great home inspector doing the job.  

Failure to hire a professional and certified home inspector will mean spending more money on the home than anticipated. Don’t have so much confidence in yourself or a friend. It’s time you hire a professional to help inspect the home before moving in. Here’s how to find a reputable and trusted home inspector.

Check the Credentials of the Home Inspector

Credentials, in this case, means finding out whether or not the home inspector has proper training and licensing documents. The inspector should provide you with a proof of state certification and license. In some states if is not required to have a state certification.  So do your research for your state to find out if they require a home inspector to have a state certification.  In Pennsylvania it is not required to have a state certification.  Anyone can say they are a home inspector if they belong to a home inspectors organization such as the American Society of Home Inspectors or the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors(InterNACHI). It’s also important that the inspector be a member of a national organization such as the American Society of Home Inspectors.  If you live in Pennsylvania what is most important when looking for a professional home inspector is to see if they went to an accredited home inspection institute such as AHIT, American Home Inspectors Training Institute.  This will show you that the home inspector decided to gain the most knowledge they could rather than just starting to do home inspections on their own.  Like I mentioned earlier it is not required in all states to have a state certification.  When someone applies to a home inspection association they must do 100 supervised home inspections  to be considered certified through the home inspection association.   Other credentials to verify include a liability insurance as well as the errors and omission insurance. The latter will provide coverage for any major issues that might not go undetected during the inspection.

Find out if the Inspector Offers an Additional Services

It’s important to hire an inspector who can perform other services such as wind mitigation inspections, wood destroying organism inspections, thermal imaging, pool inspections, energy inspections, septic, inspections, and mold inspections. Your goal should be to have all areas of your new investment inspected. Be sure the services being offered by the company make sense and apply to your particular property.  Some of theses areas require extra training and certifications so be sure you research where the home inspector acquired this type of training.  

What should you expect from a home inspection?

Well, the first thing to note is that the cost of professional home inspection services varies with the age and size of the home. Typically, you’ll spend several hundreds of dollars.  The average home inspection will range from three hundred and fifty dollars to four hundred and fifty dollars.  How long will it take? A home inspection takes about two to four hours. Is it a must that you be present during the inspection? It may not be necessary, but it’s a good idea to attend the inspection. Being present will give you the opportunity to discuss the findings and ask questions about the issues identified. It’s also the best time to familiarize yourself and your family with how everything in the home works and where different things are located.  If you are looking for a professional a knowledgeable home inspector search here

A home inspector is more likely to focus on the home’s structure, roofing system, plumbing system, electrical fixtures, drainage, and the heating and cooling system. He or she will then prepare a detailed report containing the findings from the inspections as well as the recommendations.  Be sure to read the inspection report the home inspector provides.  All home inspectors use some type of home inspection report.  Some home inspectors use paper reports and other home inspectors may use a home inspection report app on a smart phone or tablet.  Many times the home inspector will take pictures.  This is a very important part of the home inspection process.  If there is a area in the home that needs some attention or there is a problem that needs to be repaired it is important to have it documented on the inspection report and have a photograph of it for proof of its deficiency.  This not only helps to show the person selling or buying the home what needs to be repaired but also helps to protect the home inspector should any problems arise after the home inspection was completed.  This is also helpful should any questions arise after the home inspection, so they can show proof of the current condition of the home when the home inspection took place. 

You do not want to make the mistake of choosing the wrong home inspection company to do your home inspection.  Make sure you do plenty of research prior to making a decision about which home inspection company to use.  Many times a realtor will suggest some local home inspection companies you can use.  Many times the realtors will suggest a home inspection company with whom they have worked with previously.  The real estate companies choose home inspection companies based on there home inspection reports.  The realtors goal is to sell as many homes as they can.  Therefore they will choose a home inspector that will not “kill the deal”.  This means the home inspector will point out any major problems or deficiencies in the home and leave out the little problems so the home does not seem like it needs a lot of repairs.  This is not the way a properly trained home inspector should provide a report.  Everything that is wrong with a home should be listed in a home inspection report.  Therefore the home owner or seller can determine if it is something they feel they should fix or if its a home they still feel they want to purchase after knowing all of the details.   If you are looking for a home inspector that is honest and knowledgeable and will not leave out any details to so the home inspection does not kill the deal than click here.